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These are all challenges that the public sector in Germany and Europe is increasingly facing. We would like to show you how you can successfully meet them in the field of human resources.

For more than five years, reboot:HR has been advising companies on the proper selection of suitable HR Software.

Reboot:HR focuses on companies and public institutions based in the D/A/CH region. It has years of experience and a proven track record in HR digitisation.


We are with you from the first contact and throughout the entire selection process. With our partner CLEVIS, we can also cover system implementation all the way to support throughout the entire lifecycle of your solution.
We see ourselves as your service provider for the entire journey towards the right software solution, with a high standard of customer satisfaction.

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Public organisations usually have more complex requirements and selection processes for HR software than companies in the private sector. We have accompanied many customers from the public sector and know the particularities. Would you like to benefit from this experience? We would be happy to support you!

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With reboot:HR as an expert in software selection and our partner CLEVIS as a specialist in consulting, software services and support, we elevate your HR administration and talent management processes to a new level.

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Explore relevant information about tender processes related to HR software and learn how we as reboot:HR can support you in this process with our expertise.

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Everything you need to know, in a nutshell.
In the public sector, there are a number of specific aspects that need to be taken into account when digitising personnel administration. The most important aspects to consider are: Collective bargaining and service law, complex organisational structures, different employee groups (e.g. civil servants vs. employees), compliance requirements and interaction with other IT systems and infrastructure. These can all be challenges to digitisation, but they are not barriers. We have run a number of HR digitisation projects for the public sector and know the ins and outs. Contact us for a detailed presentation of a possible approach for your HR department.

The two terms refer to different approaches to the delivery and management of IT infrastructure and services.

In a cloud solution, IT resources are provided and managed by a provider over the internet. The benefits are scalability, flexibility and lower capital expenditure.
With on-premise solutions, these resources have to be operated and maintained on site. This gives the operator full control, but also requires them to procure and maintain the infrastructure themselves. We recommend the cloud solution to most customers, as it provides the full range of functionality with relatively little effort. However, before making a decision, a consultation should take place in order to find a customised solution that best meets the requirements.

The cost of implementing HR Software can vary widely, depending on a number of factors. We have compiled a selection of these factors for you: Software licences, customisation and integration, training, data migration, maintenance and support, and long-term operational costs (e.g. licence renewals, training for new employees or possible upgrades). These costs are moderated by the number of end users and the complexity of the project or implementation. We have successfully completed numerous implementation projects and have a proven track record. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed quote.

In addition to the use of external resources such as HR and IT expertise, internal resources are also required to carry out an HR implementation project. These internal resources can include project management, change management, communication and training resources. They can all be considered critical to the project - the number required will always depend on the size and your experience with this type of project. In addition, one of the most important internal resources is the provision of one decision leader or subject matter expert to participate in numerous workshops on digitisation or business process change during the course of the project.

We have extensive experience in all of these areas and can therefore provide support or advice as an external resource.

If you do not want external support and want to cover the activities internally, a rough rule of thumb is to multiply the number of days the software vendor has quoted you as requiring by a factor of 1.5-2.0 to arrive at an estimate of the internal effort required on your part.

At reboot:HR we are specialists in the selection of software for HR departments and have been helping our clients find the perfect digital solution for seven years. Through our partner network of HR software providers, we also have access to a large selection of software that we are already familiar with and have direct contact with the providers, or we can sell and operate one or more software solutions for you as a general contractor at no extra charge. Once we have found the right software for you, we can also help you with the implementation and maintenance of the software. We are proud to say that as reboot:HR we can guide you through the entire process of digitising your HR department and you will benefit from a seamless handling of your project.
Yes, feel free to contact our references and let them convince you of our success. In addition, we offer a series of events (e.g. roundtables) with our partner CLEVIS Consult, where we exchange ideas with former clients and external parties about various digital solutions in the HR sector. Please contact us if you have any questions about our references or would like to attend an event.

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The selection of HR Software is an important, partially lengthy as well as costly decision for every company. Our blog features tips and tricks as well as other useful information on how to choose the optimal HR Software for you to help you make an informed software selection decision.

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